Greetings, Commanders!

Why be a Commander:
  • Bragging rights, duh!
  • Winning Commanders will receive:
    • Their names and team logo on our website as the winner until the next event
    • A certificate/trophy
    • A permanent memorial inside our lobby if multiple CAX events are won (details to be added later)

    How to Register as a Commander:
    • Must be at least 22 years old
    • Demonstrate CAX Proficiency - Commanders must display a grasp of the information contained in the CAX Guide and be approved by field staff
    • Other required classes may be added later...
    • Once passed, Commanders will be automatically registered with the field as a potential Commander and may register as such first-come, first-served

    How to RESERVE an open Commander spot:
      • You must first be REGISTERED, see "How to Register as a Commander" above
      • Commander positions are first-come, first-served
      • There are only 2 available per CAX
      • Reservation is done via email to and should be done well in advance
      • Potential Commanders will be arranged by time of reservation email
      • In the event a Commander cannot attend the event last minute, either an appointed XO who is commander certified or the next Commander in line will take their place

      Command tools (contact Kyle, the field owner):
        • Newest tactical maps
        • Drone footage
        • CAX Calculator - (excel) use to calculate points and plan strategy
        Next CAX Event:
        May 4th, 2019