Infantry Squads are your basic grunts, and their job is simple, Find, Fix, Flank and Finish the enemy. They are primarily responsible for taking and holding territory. 
Special Forces:

Special Ops are your mission force. They will receive the mission cards during Siege and focus on secondary missions during other phases. To be SF, you have to have played at the field before, be a part of or attached to a team known to the staff and have thoroughly read this guide.
Also, there is a $8 charge to be SF. This fee will help cover the cost of all the props, special ops respawn bay and any other exclusivity improvements we build in the future.

Special Ops benefits:
1) A private respawn area
2) Exclusive use of Support Packages and props
3) Team recognition via logos in ads, certificates etc.
4) Exclusive control of the Special Ops missions
A unit without structure and sound leadership will face certain destruction.

Commander benefits:
1) Bragging rights
2) Certificate of victory
3) Special victory awards

Click HERE for Commander details

Only for the sneakiest, ballsiest of players.

Click HERE for Spy details

Ballistic Shield:
  • 2 shields max per team
  • Player created shields are NOT allowed
  • Viewport isn't shielded
  • Players hit in the mask thru the viewport are eliminated
  • Shields do not protect from explosives
Other Support Packages will be added at a later date