The name's Bond, James Bond...

Spies have three basic categories of espionage missions that they may pursue during CAX at their leisure. Essentially a Spy can do whatever they need to do to help their side win but here are some examples.

Espionage mission examples:
  • Sabotage
    • Quietly changing the flags at Flag Control Points
    • Hiding or destroying essential assets or devices
    • Accomplishing objectives
    • Anything not expressly forbidden
  • Assassination
    • While very risky, spies can eliminate players on their own team
    • Commander Assassination see details at bottom of page
  • Intelligence
    • Spread false intelligence
    • Enemy movement, concentration, code words, etc.
    • Anti-espionage (identifying enemy spies)

Becoming a Spy:
  • Potential spies must first agree to the following:
    • To leave their cell phone in the front office during CAX
    • To not use any phone or electronic messenger apps to communicate during CAX
    • Spy Punishment - If identified OFFICIALLY by the enemy Commander, the Spy agrees to voluntarily face a 10-man-firing-squad from a distance of 20 feet, 1 ball per shooter, at the end of CAX
  • Once agreed to the above, the Commander must appoint a player as his Spy prior to the CAX safety brief
  • Appointments should ONLY be made to Kyle Buckmaster, the field owner and should be made SECRETLY

Identifying a Spy:
  • Each Commander gets 1 OFFICIAL, free accusation per CAX
  • If the Commander can correctly identify the Spy on the first attempt:
    • The Spy will be immediately team-switched
    • Spy Punishment (seen above) will occur at the end of CAX
  • Additional accusations will incur a 1 point penalty each to the Commander's team
  • If the Spy is identified UNofficially (after the 1st attempt) by the Commander, the Spy will be immediately team-switched but face no other punishment

Commander Assassination:
Spies get 1 batch of 10 specially colored paintballs from the front office and use these balls to score bonus points by assassinating the enemy general with them.
Each successful assassination is worth 1 point.
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