Special, early-morning session on Sundays, for faith groups.
All religions are welcome.


This is a special event. Sessions are limited to 1 per Sunday.
If your faith group wants to play later in the day, on a Saturday or doesn't have the minimum number of players, etc., simply book a regular Private Play event instead. This special event allows your group to arrive at the facility 1 hour early and conduct a private worship/study session inside our shop prior to playing. It also comes with a fixed discount.

  • Outside paintballs are prohibited
  • Maximum field velocity for paintball is 250 fps

  • Groups may arrive 1 hour early and conduct a worship/study session inside our shop
  • 8 player minimum is required to book
  • Reservation is REQUIRED (use the calendar below to book)
  • This session comes with 1 hour of group time and 4 hours of play time
  • Private play admission includes field entry, unlimited air refills AND rental equipment (the gun and the mask)
  • Paintballs, vests, grenades, smokes, etc. are all sold separately
  • When pricing, estimate at least 500 paintballs per player

Church Groups

Church Group Admission:
Includes: Entry, unlimited air refills, gun and mask

$  20.00
Price is per Player

Regular, Enhanced or Premium
Regular Bag (500 ct)   $  17.00
Regular Case (2000 ct)   $  50.00

Enhanced Bag (500 ct)   $  20.00
Enhanced Case (2000 ct)   $  60.00

Premium Bag (500 ct)   $  22.00
Premium Case (2000 ct)   $  75.00
Chest and Back Protector:
Padded vest that covers the player's chest and back.

$  5.00
Smoke Grenades:
Wire-pull smoke grenades
Small (20,000 cf output)   $    8.00
Large (60,000 cf output)   $  17.00
Paint Grenade:
Pin-pull, impact activated, liquid paint grenade
$  7.00
Exploding Airsoft BB Grenade:
The coolest thing EVER! 
Pin-pull, timed-fuse, shrapnel grenade containing 200 airsoft BB's 
$  15.00

Low Velocity Guns:
Switch your guns out for lower velocity guns that shoot the same paintballs but at about half the velocity as our regular fleet of guns. Range is reduced but our field is so close-quarters that it doesn't really matter. This fee covers all the guns in your party.
 One-time-charge + $   50.00  
Recommended for girls, old people, and kids under 12 years old
This option must be chosen reserved online ahead of time

Padded Vests:
Some players may want to use one of our padded vests that cover the chest and back. Vests also help to cause the balls to bounce and not break which can prevent the player from being eliminated.
+ $   5.00/vest  
Recommended for girls, old people, and kids under 12 years old

Higher End Paintballs:
Our regular paint may be economical but it is less accurate and has a thicker shell that can cause the ball to bounce and not break on the skin, which can make them hurt a little more. Higher end paintballs are more spherical and have thinner shells which make them vastly more accurate and break far easier on contact.
Enhanced Bag (500 ct)   $  20.00
Enhanced Case (2000 ct)   $  60.00

Premium Bag (500 ct)   $  22.00
Premium Case (2000 ct)   $  75.00
Recommended for girls, old people, and kids under 12 years old

NOTE: "Old people" generally includes anyone over 30 yo

Cancellation Policy:
There are no refunds for no-shows on the day of an event.  If you book 20 players and show up with only 5, you will be charged the full amount for all TWENTY players! DO. NOT. OVERBOOK!  If you want to add last minute players to your reservation you may do so by calling the office at 713-826-9570 or adding them at the facility, depending on gear availability.   To reduce, reschedule or cancel your reservation, we require 72 hours notice. After the 72 hours mark, your deposit is forfeit.