Are the games supervised?

Every game played at our facility is supervised by a trained RSO (Range Safety Officer). We take player safety VERY seriously.

Can I bring my own equipment?

ABSOLUTELY, provided it is a paintball approved marker or goggle, and the marker shoots under 300 fps. If you are unsure, simply call our field and ask the manager.

Can I bring my own paintballs?

Yes. We allow outside paintballs to be used at our facility. They MAY NOT be JT brand paintballs (commonly found at sporting good stores and Walmart) and must be inspected by a field employee at the time of play prior to their use. 

There is a $14.95 BYOP fee per player to use outside paint.

Our paint is $49.95 per case.

If you have questions, please call and ask the field manager. 

Outside paintballs PROHIBITED in OUR rental equipment.

How old do I have to be to play?

At least 8 years old. Minors must have a signed liability release waiver from their parent or legal guardian. For the online waiver, CLICK HERE.

What if I do not have my own equipment?

Our "Full Set" equipment option is $9.98 and includes ALL of the rental equipment needed. NOTE: Our masks are cleaned daily.

What if I have never played before?

Not a problem at all! We generally mix beginner and experienced players into one Open Play group so that you'll have some veterans to show you the ropes. Our regulars are extremely helpful and try their hardest to help teach new players rather than run them off. Paintball is always a bit intimidating to new players, regardless of the player's age. At Glory Paintball, we do our very best to make sure new players are accommodated and not intimidated.

For the Glory Paintball Tutorial to help you navigate the reservation and check-in process,


What should I wear?

Dress for the weather, but keep in mind you should always wear a long sleeved shirt and long pants no matter how hot it is. Loose fitting clothes, such as cargo pants and light jacket help to reduce the impact of the paintballs. Closed-toed shoes are a must! The terrain at our facility is very similar to a soccer field, with little to trip over, so low top sneakers are perfectly acceptable!! 

More Questions?

Email or call Kyle: