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Classes begin January 2019
Firing line communication, communication under fire (volume, pauses, sussinct terms), hand signals 101, confirming commands, ADDRAC, code words, communicating on corners.
Team Movement
Dispersion, bounding, contact drills, buddy rushing, peeling, crossing danger areas, withdrawing, rally points.
Fighting Opposing Corners
Gaining depth, stepping out, running the rabbit, high low, ambushing (kill-zones and commands).
CQB 1 - Approaching Bldg.
Stacking (single), stack movement and control, approaching target buildings, getting to the wall, sectors of fire, stacking on doorways, staying off the wall, preparing to breach, reacting to outside fire.
CQB 2 - Room Clearing (Dynamic)
Concepts of dynamic room clearing, superior fire power, 1 and 2 man responsibilities, posting outside security, breaching doorway, sectors of a room, clearing, communicating, coming out.
CQB 3 - Room Clearing (Dynamic cont.)
Double stack, frag and clear, 4+ man entry, withdrawing, casualties, enemy frags, PID training, prisoners, objectives, losing outside security.
CQB 4 - Room Clearing (Deliberate)
Deliberate entry concept, mirrors, frags, pieing, verbal surrenders, dual-man entry, shields, control moved from 2nd man to 5th man, methodical pace.
CQB 5 - Clearing a Building
Multiple rooms, dynamic/deliberate, gaining a foothold inside structure, reinforcing, external security and cordons, hostages, objectives, HVT's, removing eliminated enemy.
CQB 6 - Defending a Structure
Setting sectors of fire, roamers, frags, reinforce, barricades, ammo stash, maintaining outside communication.