Players joining Open Play will be mixed into one big group regardless their age or experience level. We always make sure to divide the teams evenly between beginners and experienced players and encourage our regulars to help guide the newer players in order to teach them the ropes. This helps build comradery, and is the quickest way to gain experience in this sport. Contrary to popular belief, experienced players are far LESS likely than young/new players to overshoot or play with bad sportsmanship.

Discounts can NOT be combined.

Earlybird Discount:
45% off Admission. Check-in at facility before 11 AM Sat or Sun. Open Play ONLY.
10 player Group Discount:
20% off Admission. Must have 10 or more players on day of event. Open Play ONLY.
20 player Group Discount:
45% off Admission. Must have 20 or more players on day of event. Open Play ONLY.

Discount prices are shown at the bottom of package pictures.

Reserve by using the Calendar
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