• Joining Open Play means you will be mixed with other players at the facility.

  • We supply all of the gear you need but you may also bring your own.

  • Outside paintballs are NOT allowed in rental guns. If you have your own gun, you may use outside paint but there is a $14.95 BYOP fee and it may not be anything JT brand.

  • Games typically last 10-15 minutes with an equally long rest break between games.

  • Reservation is recommended for larger groups but not required.
Discounts can NOT be combined.

Earlybird Discount:
45% off Admission. Check-in at facility before 11 AM Sat or Sun. Open Play ONLY.
10 player Group Discount:
20% off Admission. Must have 10 or more players on day of event. Open Play ONLY.
20 player Group Discount:
45% off Admission. Must have 20 or more players on day of event. Open Play ONLY.

Discount prices are shown at the bottom of package pictures.

Reserve by using the Calendar below.
Open Play Paintball