• Players must abide by all Field Safety Rules and obey all Safety Signsposted.

  •  Barrel Socks must be used at all times while in Staging Areas, and until the referee tells you to remove it in the Playing Area.

  • Goggles must be worn in the Target Range, Chrono Area, and Playing Fieldsat all times.

  • Follow Referee instructions and do not argue with calls made on the field. All Referee calls are final.

  • NO SHOOTING markers or throwing paintballs in the Staging Area.

  • All quarter-sized paint marks on any part of the body or marker count as an elimination from the game.

  • If a ball hits you and you cannot see the mark, call a Referee for a "Paint-Check". You must defend yourself while under "Paint-Check".

  • "Dead" players do not talk, give up markers, paint, air, or point out other players. "Dead Man Posture" must be used to indicate you are out (i.e., Barrel Sock on, hand on head).

  • No foul, abusive language or physical contact towards other players will be allowed.

  • Please keep YOUR paintball field GLORIOUS by picking up your trash before you leave.