Welcome back, soldier!
We are excited to debut Skirmish 2.0! We took some time to address, as best we could, the feedback from our players and have made some really dramatic changes to our event. Read through this guide at your leisure and check out all the new features!
New Features: 
  1. All exterior windows inside the downtown district have been boarded up and we are currently working on doors for the doorways
  2. Spools field has been redesigned
  3. Armored Tank for the Attackers
  4. New support roles
  5. Permanent attacker = Blue, permanent defender = Red
  6. All-day event vs. half day
  7. Steep discounts to both admission AND paint
  8. etc.
See *MAGFED* notes in any section of this guide for special details.
Choose a faction below
The Attackers begin their assault from their HQ and must clear the battlefield, street by street. The burden of victory lies solely on their shoulders as they attempt to accomplish their primary objectives. Failure to earn enough points for victory will grant the victory to the Defenders. Armed with airstrikes, special forces, shields and a large, lumbering tank with multiple MG ports, the Attackers Support Roles are designed for direct engagement of the enemy.
The Defenders always have the advantage in this scenario. They begin entrenched across the battlefield, know the location of all the objectives (unlike the Attackers) and have a much denser, more complex territory to hold which is a nightmare for any Attacker. Their only objective is to prevent the Attackers from accomplishing theirs. Juggernauts, suicide bombers, insurgents... their Support Roles are designed specifically to throw the Attacking team into dissarray.