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Skirmish is an intense and exhausting urban combat simulation. This is NOT an event for kids or new paintballers and is only intended for seasoned players. If you don't know how to pie corners properly, clear a room or are completely out of shape... you will likely not enjoy this event. Click this link to go back to the Glory Headquarters page.


If you are still reading, welcome, Comrade! This page will show you our next event date, revisions to the game and is how you will access the reservations page. Just follow the links at the bottom of the page to continue.
Next Skirmish Event:
March 25th, 2018
$10 Admission 
To all first-time Skirmish 2.0 players with purchase of a Case of paintballs!
Reservation is required.
If you didn't play in our January of 2018 game, this discount APPLIES TO YOU!
Click image above to go to Commander's page

New Features/Revisions:
  • Pricing - p. 2/7
    • Minimum paint purchase per player (1 bag of 500)
    • Multiple paint options (discount, regular, enhanced & premium)
    • $10 Admission for first time Skirmish 2.0 players
  • Objectives - p. 3/7
    • Field Construction - Metal wall, SF landing zones, sector barricades, police station courtyard walls rebuilt
    • Objective points
    • Sabotage - 2 smokes provided
    • POW & Assassination - Airstrikes can kill both
    • Commander Assassinations
    • *NEW* Counter Assault (AKA Final Battle)
  • Attacker Support - p. 4/7
    • Medic, engineer (NEW), C4 cards (NEW), spies
  • Defender Support - p. 5/7
    • Suicide bombers, medic, missile batteries (NEW), AT soldier, spies, open respawns
  • Command Prize - appx. 1/2
    • $200 cash prize to the winning Commander

Read Skirmish Guide to reserve. Click link below to continue.