Come check out our newest Attack/Defend game format for Skirmish!
We are also debuting our new building, FINALLY, and observation area improvements, which include:

Air Conditioned Player Lounge
Officer's Lounge (available to all NON-playing spectators)
Carports for shade on both sides of the building
Outdoor Grills

BLUE is Attacking in this Skirmish.
This month we will be testing our new format for Skirmish, an Attack/Defend scenario. If it is well recieved, all future Skirmishes will follow this format with Red and Blue alternating as the Attackers each Skirmish. The attacking team will start from the spools field attacking into the City. Objectives are positioned in the map above and WILL ALWAYS BE in the same place every Skirmish.

S= Sabotage Points
P= Prisoners of War dummies
A= Assassination Targets
Flags= Capturable Structures

The schedule for this event format is as follows:
2 hours of play
1 hour break
1 hour Final Battle

Be sure to read this entire Skirmish Guide as quite a few changes have been made from our normal game format.
Table of Contents:

Earning Points
Forward Operating Base
Losing Points
Support Items
Respawning "Buddy System"
Winning Skirmish
The chart below shows our new pricing model for Skirmish.
It's pretty straight forward, the more players we have, the cheaper the cost for everyone! Help us recruit and save on Admission AND Paint!
Discount paint price is limited to one case per player.

Total # of Players      Admission Price      Paint Prices   
1-20 Players 34.95    49.95 per Case of Regular
59.95 per Case of Enhanced
21-30 Players 31.95    47.45 per Case of Regular
56.95 per Case of Enhanced   
31-40 Players 28.95    44.95 per Case of Regular
54.45 per Case of Enhanced   
41-50 Players 25.95    42.75 per Case of Regular
51.45 per Case of Enhanced   
51-60 Players 22.95    40.45 per Case of Regular
48.75 per Case of Enhanced   
61+ Players 19.95   
37.95 per Case of Regular
45.95 per Case of Enhanced  
Earning points:
Earning points in Skirmish is very simple. There are 17 total objectives, 1 point each. They are counted only once, at the end of the event. The Attacking team needs 9 of 17 to win. Failure to accomplish a minimum of 9 objectives grants the victory to the Defenders along with the event's allotted Victory Points.
The City is populated with 11 capturable structures. In each structure is a red and blue flag. Whichever army controls these structures at the end of Skirmish will get the points.

Points: 1 each x11
Prisoner of War:
Two severely injured wooden dummies lie captured behind enemy lines. You must rescue these POW's and return them to your HQ for medical treatment.

Points: 1 each x2
These High Value Targets need to be eliminated during the Skirmish. Any visible paint on the silhouette at the end of the game, by friend or foe, will count as a successful assassination.

Points: 1 each x2
You must find and destroy the enemy's sabotage points by popping a colored smoke inside the metal bucket.

Points: 1 each x2
Forward Operating Base (F.O.B.):
The Attacking team has the option to construct a Forward Operating Base or F.O.B. inside the church. Once constructed and approved by an R.S.O. (Range Safety Officer), the Attacking team may begin respawning from there as long as the F.O.B. is held and SUPPLIED (see supplies below).

Required to construct F.O.B.:
1 Captured structure
1 Mobile Respawn Point
Mobile Respawn Point (MRP):
Allows friendly units to respawn. Can only be used inside an approved FOB with an Range Safety Officer present. The MRP is NOT capturable. if the F.O.B. is eliminated, the RSO will take the MRP back to the Attacker's HQ.
Stored at the Attacker HQ, these supplies are used to supply the F.O.B.
Each supply is worth X amount of time. In order to maintain a F.O.B., it must be supplied with enough "time" as needed to operate. If the RSO's timer runs out before fresh supplies are delivered, the FOB is eliminated and the Mobile Respawn Point is taken back to the HQ.

Time: 10 minutes
Losing Points:
Breaking any of these rules will result in a 1/4 point dock, per infraction, from your teams score.
  • No bonus-balling
  • No fighting
  • No running or jogging to respawn points, eliminated players must walk until respawned
  • No taking masks off inside the field
  • No throwing frags or smokes over BUILDING walls. Courtyard walls are allowed
  • No climbing over ANY walls
  • No shooting under or over ANY walls
  • For exploding grenades, all occupants of a fragged room are eliminated plus any that are hit with shrapnel
  • All guns must be chrono’ed under 280 before play
  • No exiting the field without a barrel sock
  • Non engineers may NOT remove cardboard barricades
  • No arguing with any RSO or official Player Ref calls
  • No excessive douchebaggery
Support Items:
Both sides start with 2 large wooden shields at their HQ. These shields may be moved about the battlefield at will. These items may be used by the enemy if captured. If you are struck with a paintball while using a shield, you must immediately leave the shield in place and call out.
Suicide Bomber:
Both sides are granted 2 Suicide Satchels and may issue them to any player. If the player chooses to use the satchel, he/she must enter a structure without being hit and yell "allah akbar!" to detonate. At this point all players inside the structure are eliminated and must return to their HQs to respawn. Suicide satchels are not capturable and must stay with designated player until returned to the HQ.
Cardboard Barricades:
These barricades may be stapled to cover up doors and windows of buildings needing reinforcement. They may ONLY be removed by Engineers. Engineers are appointed by field staff. Any NON-engineer player caught removing a barricade will be called dead and have 1/4 points deducted from his team's score. 
"Buddy System":
The Buddy System is our attempt to slow down the tempo of Skirmish a bit. The close quarters action often leads to wind-sprints back and forth to the HQ which is not only physically and mentally exhausting but also detrimental to the flow of the game as eliminated players are often only out of their previous position for a short time. This system allows for a small delay in the action for eliminated players and increases the ability to maneuver for the aggressors.
Buddy System:
As simple as it sounds. When a player is eliminated, they must WALK back to the HQ or FOB (running or jogging to respawn points is prohibited). Once at the respawn point, a player MAY NOT respawn until X number of friendly players have gathered at the point and the RSO gives permission to respawn. 
The number of required players will be determined by the number of players at the event. More players will require more buddies in order to respawn. This way even for events with larger turnouts, the game will flow better.
Winning Skirmish:
Attackers must finish the Skirmish with a minimum of 9 of 17 points to win. Failure to win grants the Defenders the event's Victory Points.