Table of Contents:

Earning Points
Losing Points
Winning Skirmish
Support Packages
Support Items
Earning points:
The field is populated with 15 structures. In each structure is a red and blue indicator (flag or pushstick). Whichever army controls these structures at the end of Skirmish will get the points.

Points: 25 per structure
Stored in a central point at the start of the game, these items must be retrieved and safeguarded at your teams Supply Stash Point (SSP). Points are awarded at the end of the event. Any items NOT on the pallet located in your SSP, will not be counted.

Points: 10 per Ammo Can
            20 per Water Jug
Prisoner of War:
A severely injured wooden dummy lies captured behind enemy lines. You must rescue this POW and return him to your HQ for medical treatment.

Points: 200
This High Value Target needs to be eliminated during the Skirmish. Any visible paint on the silhouette at the end of the game, by friend or foe, will count as a successful assassination. Scoring a head shot will net the enemy team a bonus.

Points: 100 torso shot
          +  50 headshot
You must find and destroy the enemy's sabotage point by popping a colored smoke inside the metal bucket.

Points: 150
Recruiting soldiers and getting them to register online before the event grants points to your team. 

Points: 5 per registration
Losing Points:
Support Packages:
Each Support Package your Commander calls in costs points. These packages are powerful but need to be used sparingly.

LZ Insertion: -20 points
Fastrope: -20 points
Suicide Bomber: -20 points
Breaking any of these rules will result in a 10-point dock, per infraction, from your teams score.
  • No bonus-balling
  • No fighting
  • No shooting helos before they have landed
  • No taking masks off inside the field
  • No throwing frags or smokes over BUILDING walls. Courtyard walls are allowed
  • No climbing over ANY walls
  • No shooting under or over ANY walls
  • For exploding grenades, all occupants of a fragged room are eliminated plus any that are hit with shrapnel
  • All guns must be chrono’ed under 280 before play
  • No exiting the field without a barrel sock
  • Non engineers may NOT remove cardboard barricades
  • No arguing with any RSO or official Player Ref calls
  • No excessive douchebaggery. 
Winning Skirmish:
To win Skirmish, your team must score 60% more than the enemy's score.
Example: Red's score is 100; Blue needs to score 160 or more to win.
Support Packages:
LZ Insertion:
LZ bunkers are now fully-enclosed, with slide open/shut gun ports and doors. A minimum of 5 players are required to use this package. Players enter the bunker from outside the net and are NOT in play until they inform the RSO standing above that they are ready. Once set, the RSO announces the landing and kills any enemy players standing inside the "killzone". Inserting players will have 30 seconds to exit the LZ bunker before it is closed by the RSO. Any player still inside the bunker after 30 seconds is eliminated and must respawn at the HQ.

Suicide Bomber:
Players may draw up to two suicide satchels from the HQ at one time, limit one per player. If the player and satchel fully enter any part of a building via doorway, crawlspace or window (excluding courtyards), without being shot, they can "detonate" by screaming "Allah Akbar", at which point all inhabitants of the building (INCUDING courtyards), friend or foe, are eliminated and must respawn at the HQs. Suicide Bombers must be unarmed and must leave their guns with the HQ RSO in order to draw suicide satchels from supply. Satchels must be returned to HQ after each use regardless if player detonated or was eliminated beforehand. This replaces airstrikes.

Support Items:
Mobile Respawn Point (MRP):
Allows unlimited respawns to friendly units, but only those that are eliminated by paintball strikes. Players eliminated by explosives (frags or Suicide Bombers) must respawn at the HQ. The MRP active when placed at a building flag point and stationary. MRP may ONLY be relocated by friendly Commander. Can be captured and removed from the field by the enemy team. Must be carried back to the enemy HQ to be eliminated. 
Both sides start with 2 large wooden shields at their HQ. These shields may be moved about the battlefield at will. These items may be used by the enemy if captured. If you are struck with a paintball while using a shield, you must immediately leave the shield in lace and call out.
Cardboard Barricades:
These barricades may be stapled to cover up doors and windows of buildings needing reinforcement. They may ONLY be removed by Engineers. Engineers are appointed by field staff. Any NON-engineer player caught removing a barricade will be called dead and have 10 points deducted from his team's score.