Shoot, Move, Communicate!
Have the facility to yourselves for the day to run your own training scenarios or look through our list of Infantry School courses.


You'll have the entire facility to yourselves to run whatever training you'd like. Simunition-style ammo are NOT permitted (currently). Blanks, paintball or airsoft BBs only. If your unit would like to run through portions of our "Infantry School" courses, just let us know. We do have a small army of former military personnel on hand to help instruct or run OPFOR upon request.

  • 6 player minimum is required to book
  • Reservation is REQUIRED (use the calendar below to book)
  • Training admission includes field entry and unlimited air refills (if needed)
  • Vests, grenades, smokes, ammo, rental gear etc. are all sold separately
LEO/Military Training

Training Admission:
Includes: Entry and unlimited air refills (if needed)

$  20.00
Rental Gear:
Standard mask, Tippmann HPA M4 rifle w/ 13ci HPA tank
$  25.00
Smoke Grenades:
Wire-pull smoke grenades

Small     (20,000 cf output)    $    8.00
  Large     (60,000 cf output)    $  17.00
Exploding Airsoft BB Grenade:
The coolest thing EVER! 
Pin-pull, timed-fuse, shrapnel grenade containing 200 airsoft BB's 

$  15.00